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Diagnosed with prostate cancer?

We are a prostate cancer support group helping men in the Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding areas. We offer fellowship and guidance through personal experiences. We have made the journey! We can help.
We are part of the Prostate Cancer Canada Network

Our Meetings

A Record Attendance!! Our August 2019 meeting attracted a record attendance of 38 men and their spouses for the presentation and discussion on sexual intimacy and prostate cancer. Great presentation followed by good questions and discussion.

We meet every month in the friendly, no-pressure environment of Wellspring Birmingham-Gilgan House and are always ready to welcome visitors. Whether you want to come once or on a regular basis, please know that the group is there for you, ready with experience, encouragement, understanding and support.

To-date in 2019 we have had 14 new attendees, often with their spouses, at our monthly Support Group meetings. So, if you are thinking of coming, don’t imagine that you will be the only new guy in a room full of regulars.
We understand that some men are reluctant to open up on a first visit and we are quite happy if you choose just to sit and listen (or email me and we can talk one-on-one). The choice is yours.

What Can Prostate Cancer Canada Do For You?


Let’s get the men in our lives to talk about the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test with their doctor and make an informed decision about the best testing approach for them.

Get informed, talk to your doctor

  1. Read about the PSA test for early detection
  2. Understand your risk factors: Are you a black man? Do you have a family history of prostate cancer? Your risk increases as you get older, especially after 50
  3. Talk to your doctor about the right testing approach for you. Ask these questions:
    1. What is my risk of developing prostate cancer?
    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being tested for prostate cancer?
    3. Should I have a PSA test and a digital rectal exam?
    4. What happens if my PSA levels are high? Do I have another PSA test or other tests?
    5. What happens if my PSA levels are normal? When should I get tested again?
  4. Join the conversation to spread the message about prostate cancer – especially the importance of early detection. Follow Prostate Cancer Canada on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

What Can Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House Do For You?

More than 85 per cent of cancer patients experience the non-medical consequences of cancer and its treatment: the fear, anxiety, pain, isolation, financial worries and guilt. Through one-to-one peer support, group support activities, learned coping skills, rehabilitation and nutrition programs, and much, much more, Wellspring has helped thousands of people take an active role in controlling their cancer experience to improve their quality of life. Wellspring Birmingham-Gilgan House

Thank You to Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House for your support and for providing the facilities for our meeting.

Current Meetings & Events

September 18th

When we invite guest speakers to our meetings, we try to cover all aspects of living with Prostate Cancer, not just the treatments for the disease. Last month it was “Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer”. This month we will hear how Naturopathic Medicine may be able to help.

Join Dr. Erin Ley, N.D. from Clarity Health in Burlington as she discusses evidence-based interventions for men along the entire spectrum of prostate cancer diagnosis. From diet and lifestyle adjustments during active surveillance, to support for patients undergoing prostatectomy and/or radiation, to managing side effects of androgen deprivation therapy.

Dr. Erin has spoken to audiences on healthy weight loss, thyroid health, anxiety and depression, cancer prevention, managing cancer side effects, and pain management. We look forward to welcoming her to Wellspring and to our Group.

Prostate Cancer Updates

Most men whose prostate cancer has spread beyond the prostate will move to ADT (androgen deprivation therapy, sometimes referred to as hormone therapy). However, not all men understand what it’s all about and that difficulty has increased in recent years with the introduction of ‘second generation’ drug therapies.

First it was abiraterone (Zytiga) and enzalutamide (Xtandi). Recently they have been joined by apalutamide (Erleada) and darolutamide (Nubeqa). Not only that but their use is spreading – for metastatic and non-metastatic disease, for castrate-sensitive and castrate-resistant stages.

If all this is confusing, get in touch with us. We can help explain in simple, non-medical language and connect you with other men who have been there.

Each month, we send out a short, easy-to-read review of new developments and articles of interest in the field of Prostate Cancer.
If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, drop us a line at (email link above).


Other PCCN Group Meetings (all are welcome to attend)

PCCN Brampton – 2nd Tuesday each month, 7pm at Wellspring Chinguacousy (5 Inspiration Way, Brampton).
September speaker is an oncologist from Brampton Civic Hospital.

PCCN Burlington – Last Tuesday of every month at 7 pm – YMCA, 500 Drury Lane, Burlington.

PCCN Waterloo-Wellington – 4th Tuesday each month at 7 pm
Rockway Centre, 1405 King Street East, Kitchener. Answering Service 226-240-9264

Hamilton Prostate Cancer Group – 4th Wednesday each month, 7:30 pm  St Mark’s United Church, Governor’s Rd. & Creighton Rd, Dundas, ON.
September: Dr. Lalani Ali-Khan, medical oncologist.

Warriors Group for Advanced Prostate Cancer

PCCN Toronto has a sub-group for men and women dealing with advanced prostate cancer. Here is an opportunity for men and their partners to meet and learn from knowledgeable fellow survivors. If you feel this may be applicable to you, you might want to join their meetings or join their Facebook group.