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Diagnosed with prostate cancer?

We are a prostate cancer support group helping men in the Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding areas. We offer fellowship and guidance through personal experiences. We have made the journey! We can help.
We are part of the Prostate Cancer Canada Network

Our Meetings

We meet every month in friendly, no-pressure environment of Wellspring Birmingham-Gilgan House and are always ready to welcome visitors. Whether you want to come once or on a regular basis, please know that the group is there for you, ready with experience, encouragement, understanding and support.
So far this year we have had 21 new men come out to our monthly Support Group meetings, many with their spouses, so if you are thinking of coming don’t imagine that you will be the only new guy in a room full of regulars.
We understand that some men are reluctant to open up on a first visit and we are quite happy if you choose just to sit and listen. The choice is yours.

What Can Prostate Cancer Canada Do For You?

What Can Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House Do For You?

More than 85 per cent of cancer patients experience the non-medical consequences of cancer and its treatment: the fear, anxiety, pain, isolation, financial worries and guilt. Through one-to-one peer support, group support activities, learned coping skills, rehabilitation and nutrition programs, and much, much more, Wellspring has helped thousands of people take an active role in controlling their cancer experience to improve their quality of life. Wellspring Birmingham-Gilgan House

Thank You to Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House for your support and for providing the facilities for our meeting.

Current Meetings & Events

September 2018

One item that comes up regularly in our discussions is STRESS!
The shock of the diagnosis, the stress of having to choose the best treatment option, the worry about recurrence after the primary treatment. It goes on and on.
Talking about it in our discussion group with others who have gone through it really helps but sometimes we need more professional input and guidance.
Dr. Sheila Tervit is a psychologist and therapist who specializes in helping people cope with medical illnesses such as cancer. Last time Dr. Tervit spoke to our group, she entitled her talk “The Emotional Rollercoaster” and we all understand what that means.

Join us on September 19th, ask questions, and get tips to help you on your personal Emotional Rollercoaster.

Coming in October

Dr. Danny Vesprini and Justin Lorentz will talk about the biology of prostate cancer and in particular the genetic risk factors of developing the disease, and how knowledge of this can help at all aspects of prostate cancer management; screening, treatment and prevention.  They will use the work (both clinical and research) being done in their Male Oncology Research & Education (MORE) program as an example of how to personalize cancer care.

Dr. Vesprini is a Radiation Oncologist specializing in Prostate and Breast Cancer at the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre and Justin Lorentz is a Certified Cancer Genetic Counsellor at the same Centre. He is the Lead of the Male Oncology Research and Education (MORE) Program.

Other PCCN Group Meetings

PCCN Brampton – kicks off their new season on Tuesday September 11th
“Because the City of Brampton is converting the Norton Park Community Centre to a Parks Department office, we have decided to relocate both our monthly member meetings and our steering committee meetings to Wellspring Chinguacousy. The September 11 meeting will be held there”.

PCCN Burlington – Last Tuesday of every month at 7pm – YMCA, 500 Drury Lane, Burlington.

PCCN Waterloo-Wellington – Drop-in meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month

Hamilton/Dundas Prostate Support Group – Wednesday September 26th – Speaker:  Urologist Dr. Bobby Shayegan who will be discussing “Updates on Prostate Cancer Treatments”. Call 905 575 9220 for more info.

Warriors Group for Advanced Prostate Cancer

The Toronto Prostate Cancer Support Group (PCCN Toronto) has a sub-group for men and women dealing with advanced prostate cancer. It is recognized that regular support meetings may not be fully catering to the needs of men and their partners dealing with advanced prostate cancer and that access to knowledgeable fellow survivors is essential in managing the health care system. If you feel this may be applicable to you, you might want to join their meetings or join their Facebook group.